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  • Aditi Patel

From Paper to Reality: The Powerful Impact of Sketches on Spatial Design

The sketches and drawings are the focal point of the architectural designs. An architecture design is a complex process and contains multiple layers.

In Indian context, the choices that an architect make, the reflections of the ideas in building comes from the knowledge that comes from the culture. The drawings and sketches in the initial stage are the glimpse of this knowledge. The drawings are rendering of this thinking process.

The sketches reflect the stages of the pragmatic process of the designing in expressive manner. It contains the various stages of process, the context, program relevance, functions, etc. Each project has a divergent nature and demands individual intuitive approach that captures that 'nature'.

The drawings that are made in initial stages are not intendent to be made photographic or precise as per reality. It is just the mind being the driver and hand enjoining the command to the paper. This drawing is made to hold the idea of the essence of the site and context. This initial depiction of frames goes to another layer of lines of depicting trees, water flow, open spaces. This further helps in evaluating the essence and focal points of the design.

When the essence of the site instate to the mind and mind created an image to express. The 'Schema' of the building starts to emerge on canvas. The hand follows what the mind instructs. The process of resolving the drawings refine the ideas. The direction that moves further into a way that solve the complex problems of function, material selections, etc.

The process of drawings is a process in synchronization. It begins to procure expressive quality to the designer of the space. The 'schema' becomes the compeller of the design of the building.


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