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Terracotta House | Modo Designs

Project description

Project name: Terracotta House

Location: Ahmedabad

Architect: Modo Designs

Area: 6300 ft²

Year: 2021

Photographs: Vinay Panjwani

© Vinay Panjwani

The Terracotta House, designed by architect Arpan Shah from Modo Designs, is a beautiful and contemporary home located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India. This plot was previously the family's weekend residence, but they have now moved their permanent residence here, moving away from the densely populated city areas. A holistic design was achieved by juxtaposing traditional and contemporary elements of architecture.

© Vinay Panjwani

An additional structure with a basement is attached to the house for the purpose of entertainment. Toward the garden, the front of the house has a more transparent facade, opening up to a verandah that is a favorite relaxation spot for the family.

© Vinay Panjwani

In addition to the parents' bedroom and daughter's bedroom, the ground floor houses the living area, dining room, and kitchen. There are three bedrooms on the upper floor: the master bedroom, son's bedroom, and guest bedroom. There is also a large terrace that overlooks the garden and is used for parties.

The narrow central courtyard on the ground floor of the Terracotta House is one of its most unique features. Similar to the courtyards in Ahmedabad's pol houses, this courtyard is mostly open to the sky throughout the day and year. To prevent rain and excess heat from entering the house, the courtyard has a fabricated roof that can be opened.

There are two zones in the basement: the TV area and the bar, which open onto a courtyard that lets in natural light. An earthy palette is created for the exterior of the building by using exposed concrete and brick, wooden paneling and door windows, as well as Kota stone flooring. The interior features a mix of exposed and finished surfaces. The materials used have all been sourced locally and fused together in a way that keeps the spaces connected to local culture.

A home like the Terracotta House is a great example of how modern architecture can honor and respect traditional architecture. In order to create a home that connects the users to their roots, Arpan Shah has used local materials and designed the house around traditional courtyard principles.

An ideal place for a family to live and grow together, the house's open spaces and greenery add to its serene and peaceful ambiance.


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