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Weekend House at Aalloa | Studio 4000

Updated: May 24, 2023

Project description

Project name: Weekend House at Aalloa

Location: Ahmedabad

Architect: Aalloa

Area: 3,500 sq. ft.

Year: 2021

Photographs: Rahul Zota

© Rahul Zota

Studio 4000's Weekend House at Aalloa is a project that delves into a pristine forested area near Ahmedabad that connects to the Sabarmati River. The gently sloping site, which was approached from the north, was shaped by the region's riverine landscape.

© Rahul Zota

In the project, there was no interference with the original land form or ecology of the site. There was a large house, a swimming pool, and a water tower situated around the highest plateau, leaving much of the plateau free for outdoor activities.

© Rahul Zota

As the rectangular structure of the house was pushed back and placed horizontally, its longer side faced the river, as the swimming pool was carved out of the adjoining earth-mound on its slope.

From the highest point of the opposite hill, a masonry tower stood majestically above the rest of the buildings. A three-dimensional engagement with the site was achieved by orienting the house, pool, and water tower along different directions.

© Rahul Zota

Through sculptural engagement, the built form becomes part of the natural setting, revealing the majesty of the exterior space. To stabilize the building on its slope, heavy retaining walls were built along the plateau's edge, forming compact room-like spaces for kitchen, dining, wash-yard, toilets, and storage.

The river facing edge was dominated by a large columned hall with an exposed hyperbolic paraboloid RCC roof. There were living areas and sleeping areas across these continuous loggia-like spaces on different levels. A key organizing element of the project was to develop these entities through a dialectic play between hillside and riverside views, sunset and moonrise, and service and space.

© Rahul Zota

This section was created by scooping out a rectangular void at the edge of the plateau. The dialogue with landform began with this inceptive act of the imminent built form making its mark on the land. The core of the house is composed of floors, walls, and columns.

Hyperbolic paraboloids were modulated to follow the natural gradient of the ground below in order to mirror the landscape and reintroduce the original shape of the hill so as to envelop the house from above and to define its spatial experience as well as encompass the whole area of the house.

RCC roofs were cast manually using pinewood shuttering on a composite structural system. Door and window panels were made with teak wood and glass, and some were thickened to accommodate furniture and turn them into inhabitable zones. There was no need for plinth protection since the exterior stone cladding went down to the basement. Through this, the structure is perceived as literally growing out of the ground, expressing the limits of its intervention in the landscape.

This weekend house by Studio 4000 at Aalloa is a perfect example of the harmony between architecture and nature. The project's unique designs and sustainable practices make it a one-of-a-kind weekend getaway that offers its occupants an unmatched experience.

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May 21, 2023

Very detailed description! I would love to read all of your posts. Keep up. And thank you for such deep insight.

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